Shrimad Rajchandra Health Education and Awareness Lessons (HEAL)
Shrimad Rajchandra Health Education and Awareness Lessons (HEAL)

Shrimad Rajchandra Health Education & Awareness Lessons is an initiative for spreading health awareness in rural areas. This programme teaches people about health-related topics like pregnancy, childbirth, immunisation, nutrition and hygiene. These lessons are especially important to dispel long-held superstitious beliefs about the causes of illness.

SRLC has a dedicated centre in Dharampur to implement this initiative, called Shrimad Rajchandra Health Education Centre for Adolescents. We conduct lectures and workshops for adolescents - mainly girls - as they are the future mothers. Through the medium of posters, models, PowerPoint presentations and interactive games, we impart education on subjects such as nutrition, hygiene, puberty, safe motherhood, and child-care. We also place emphasis on social issues like avoiding child marriage, opting for higher education and becoming self-reliant so that future generations do not suffer. We conduct these health awareness drives on a regular basis in remote areas in and around the Valsad District to convey our message and make sure that people easily remember what they have learnt.

These informative sessions are especially significant in rural India, where superstitious beliefs compel people to consult 'witch-doctors' rather than come to a hospital. Health awareness lessons improve the general health and well-being of the community. They also curb the occurrence of many common health risks and the ensuing trauma faced by patients and their relatives.


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