Celebrate by Sharing


Most of the occasions in our lives are centred around our own happiness and joy. They become celebrations limited only to our narrow circle of family and friends.

Have you ever stopped, even for a moment to think about those who live around you? Those who breathe the same air you take in and share the same world with you, but, have never tasted a moment of happiness; for whom life is not a gift but a curse; for whom life seldom opens the doors of opportunity.

Have you ever stopped to see the dreams in their eyes? Have you ever thought of how you can make a difference?

With the singular aim of sharing our joy, Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur introduces Celebrate by Sharing - a fundraiser programme which enables you to rejoice the significant occasions of your life by extending love to the needy. Whether you wish to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or any other event, you can decide an amount you wish to raise for a noble cause, through your very own online campaign. This will be your message to your loved ones not to spend their money on buying you expensive presents for your special occasion, and instead to donate the same in support of your cause. They can also leave an inspiring message or personal experience for you.

The Joy of Giving surely exceeds the Joy of Receiving - Experience this and believe it!!

4 Steps to Share your Joy
1 | Choose your Occasion

Here is a list of the various occasions that come in our lives. You may select any occasion and pledge to make it memorable by initiating a campaign with a scheme of your choice - to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.
2 | Select the Cause

Several causes will be listed before you. These causes are the diverse social upliftment activities undertaken by Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care. You may select any cause of your choice, as the scheme of your campaign.

Once the cause is chosen, you will need to select the target amount of funds that you intend to raise through your campaign. This target amount will reflect on your campaign page. Raise funds to support your cause.
3 | Personalise your Campaign

In order to raise funds effectively you will need to spread awareness of your benevolent cause and motivate others to join and support you in your endeavour.

To draw the interest and support of people you know, the personally-designed campaign page will play a key role. On this page, you will provide details about your cause with a motivating message, picture or quote to inspire the viewer to support your initiative.

You may access your campaign regularly through the url that is set for your page or through the Get Involved section.
4 | Spread the Word

Once your campaign page is all ready, you may now send it to your friends and family across the world. Invite them to be a part of your unique movement of sharing happiness to the dispirited.

You may even publish your campaign page on an online social network like Facebook or Twitter, etc.

How can your friends and family support you?

Those who have resolved to support your cause may donate through 3 different methods:

1. Online donations.
2. Cheque donations may be posted either to the Ashram or the Mumbai administrative centre at Patel Chambers.
3. Donations in cash across the counter at the Ashram or the Mumbai administrative centre at Patel Chambers.

What's more is that your supporters can also leave an inspiring message or personal experience for you and others to read.

You will also be intimated with an email as soon as a friend or relative donates for your campaign. The details of the donations made by them along with their message, if any, may be viewed on your campaign page as a part of your donation history.
So, what are you waiting for?
Widen your circle of joy and spread the fragrance of love to all.
Your true celebration is just a click away!