- Mr. Sanjay Chaturvedi
Associate Vice President
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
Mr. Sanjay Chaturvedi - Associate Vice President, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited

"I was highly impressed after knowing about SRLC and their plans and curious to see how this organisation works towards humanity and development. I was very keen to take part in the marathon because of SRLC. I was surprised to see that more than 200 SRLC volunteers took part in the Mumbai Marathon and all of them had the same motto and goal."

Upon reaching the venue of the Marathon, I was so amazed to see the way SRLC managed the event without any shortcomings in their execution. The volunteers made sure that people were taken well care off. The efforts taken by SRLC were so genuine and inspiring, that the employees of Sun Pharma would always look forward to the Mumbai Marathon so that they could participate and be a part of SRLC for those 2 - 3 hours. My wife and I were so impressed by the working of SRLC and its contribution towards humanity, that we wanted to be a part of the Mission. Furthermore, I was highly impressed by the amount of perfection SRLC would put even in the smallest of details. This clearly showed their passion and zeal for the work they do and the efforts they put to spread the name of their Mission, and these values are instilled in them by their Gurudev Shri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri, and I hope He keeps on guiding SRLC the way He has been doing, and may His blessings bestow upon us as well. Overall, SRLC has been a great support to Sun Pharma and has helped us grow as well, we hope to continue this bond and we look forward to our partnership.


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