Shrimad Rajchandra Animal Helpline
Shrimad Rajchandra Animal Helpline

Shrimad Rajchandra Animal Helpline is a dedicated contact number and ambulance to help save the lives of sick and injured stray animals and birds. Launched in Mumbai, this helpline provides an organised platform to report animal cruelty and injuries so that animals in pain receive timely and adequate support.

Stray animals suffer from hunger and do not get vaccinations, thereby affecting their immune system and making them vulnerable to illness and infections. The plight of birds is also dire, as they suffer from thirst during summer and have no protection during the monsoons. Several animals and birds suffer accidents, which result in severe injuries. Quite often, we come across stray animals and birds in pain, but are not able to extend our help due to unawareness about the right action. You can now call on the Animal Helpline and an ambulance will be immediately sent to attend the sick or injured animal/bird. Our dedicated animal ambulance is on service, with trained medical staff and is equipped with a medical kit, food supplies and a CCTV with GPS for live monitoring of the activities.

Through our Animal Helpline number, a trained professional links the caller with the ambulance and in case the ambulance is already engaged, they are connected to another organisation that can treat the animal. Instructions are provided to the caller regarding immediate care to be provided to the animal. In severe cases, it is also ensured that the animal is admitted to a hospital.


Shrimad Rajchandra Animal Helpline

Tel: 9822921100 / 7030159900

Timing: 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


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