Shrimad Rajchandra Mahila Gruha Udyog was launched under the Shrimad Rajchandra Women Empowerment Programme to empower rural women by providing them with employment opportunities leading to social acceptance and financial independence.

A woman plays a pivotal role in her family and society at large. Therefore, her upliftment is the cornerstone for any significant development of society. However, discrimination is rife in rural Indian society. Underprivileged women of India are subjected to poverty, low education and poor health. The challenges for women who are widowed at a young age are especially daunting, as these women not only have to take care of their families, but earn a livelihood as well. In the backdrop of lack of formal education and requisite skills, a need was felt to help these women earn an honest living, which would harness their existing skillsets and provide livelihood support.

Shrimad Rajchandra Mahila Gruha Udyog has made significant strides in making many women self-reliant. In order to provide stimulus to their aspirations, we expanded their workplace to include an enhanced kitchen area along with a work and storage area to support the rapid growth of this project.

We also encourage the overall development of the women of our Mahila Gruha Udyog by conducting the following activities:

  • Participation in exhibitions and NGO events to showcase the product range
  • Team bonding activities like educational and spiritual trips, games, etc
  • Development support of new products for expanding the product offering

Shrimad Rajchandra Mahila Gruha Udyog currently offers the following range of products:

Raj Amrut

Raj Amrut It covers a range of food products prepared by rural women and pure Ghee prepared from the excess milk of cows at Shrimad Rajchandra Jivamaitridham.

Raj Saurabh

Raj Saurabh Various aromatic products like Dhoop, Incense sticks, potpourri prepared by rural women, add a devotional aroma to your homes and offices.

Raj Kruti

Raj Kruti Beautiful products hand-painted by rural artisans and craftsmen in traditional Warli art.


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A rural women from Shrimad Rajchandra Mahila Gruha Udyog shares her success story

Nirmala, a 27-year old from rural Gujarat, has been financially supporting her family since the past 3 years. Having a prior experience of working with computers, she joined Shrimad Rajchandra Mahila Gruha Udyog with the intent of further developing her technical skills. Nirmala is also entrusted with the responsibility of managing the accounts of Shrimad Rajchandra Mahila Gruha Udyog on a computer!
Cherishing her experience, she says, “I have been a part of Shrimad Rajchandra Mahila Gruha Udyog since a young age, as my mother worked here and I joined her during my vacations. I am forever grateful for this opportunity to work here, and now I am also able to support my whole family!”




“I came to know about Shrimad Rajchandra Mahila Gruha Udyog from my village women folk and the personal development that these ladies had experienced working there. Knowing this, I was inspired to join this initiative and began working here. The best aspect of Shrimad Rajchandra Mahila Gruha Udyog is that they imparted training to me to ensure I learnt the process well and once I was well versed with it, they ensure continuous growth and development. Working at this project since 4 years, I can say that it has helped in the progress of my entire family, consisting of my husband and three children."

NAME: Madhu Chaudhary

VILLAGE: Karanjveri



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